welcome to the start of something exciting!

for months I have wanted to start a blog. the thought of sharing life stories & advice to a community was always so exciting. and now – I have started my very own blog.

it started on blogger. however in less than a week. I realized that blogger was not for me. I felt like it lacked communication with other blogs. I struggled to find other people like me. so after some research I have settled on wordpress. I’m starting with everything free. and once I notice a growth in what i’m doing.. then I shall grow my blog with it!

I’m a junior in my high school. almost the end of the year so
that means in a couple months I will be a senior
(cue the scary music).
I’m involved in numerous things in school:
Marching Band and Concert Band is something that consumes my life. and honestly, I’m okay with it! I love being a part of that
family. a family where everyone knows each other and we can tell each other anything. it’s upsetting to imagine not being a part of that family when it’s over. I have  adored this particular activity since I was twelve and it’s so important to me, that I plan on going to  college to study in Music Education.
Musical / Choir / Show Choir even though I am no where
near being a gifted singer, that does not mean I cannot
enjoy it! these activities draw so many different people,
it’s surprising to see the jock of the school want to be
in the musical. and yes, they do love it!
Photography is also something I love and adore. whenever something happens in the world, I relate it to pictures. capturing moments that change lives is very important. i relate any scenario to pictures. and in this blog,
i plan to share my thought process with real world experiences, with images.IMG_0949

I don’t want this post to be a novel. but i hope you will continue to follow my life with many happy moments, heart breaks, and a place you can feel welcome! I hope you follow this blog! I also hope to find so many new faces that I can relate to!

10 thoughts on “welcome to the start of something exciting!

  1. Hey there!
    Welcome to WordPress. From personal experience I can tell you, that I think you made the right choice. The blogging community here is very helpful and encouraging. Thanks a ton for connecting. Glad to have come across such a vibrant young soul. I too love photography, and was involved in various activities in school the choir, drama club and the school magazine. It is a great opportunity to interact with others and learn.
    Hope you enjoy your stay. Happy Writing! 😀

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  2. Hi Adia, welcome to wordpress blogland. I’m also new here.. started in February and I’m hooked. Thank you for following my blog. I am looking forward to reading more from such a fun talented young blogger… that’s you, girl. 🙂
    Regards, Rosie

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