Photography & the Soul

just as Ansel Adams said, “When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.” you have to find something that you can spend hours on. because sometimes – speaking your thoughts are too difficult for you. and it’s totally okay. more times than not, I ramble through my thoughts then catch myself not sure what I was talking about. this is why we have interests and passions. when words fail, your true passion will speak. it’s okay if you haven’t found what that is yet. it took me years to begin to truly enjoy music, which has let me to perusing in Music Education.
photography is something that everyone can enjoy, honestly. well – maybe not everyone. but it’s always a shot to try. because for me, i never saw the use in taking pictures. like – when you’re done taking pictures of trees and birds, what do you do with them? sure, they posted them on sites to get feedback. but seriouslypeople make a living out of this?

well, sure they do! that is their passion. that thing that sparks their interest. obviously i’m no where near being a professional. nor will I ever be. but.. it is something that when I feel like I cannot explain my feelings, images can speak for me. how so? it’s difficult for me to explain how simple pictures I take help explain what I cannot tell truly. it’s something that you have to experience yourself. and it doesn’t have to be through photography. if you play tennis, sure! maybe you have a secret passion for collecting spoons.  hey – if that is what you love, then I love it! anything you love will make mostly anybody happy. not everyone understands how I “take pictures just for fun.” well – honestly – it’s more than “just for fun” like I have said, it is something that speaks for me. “Every picture is worth a thousand words.” those thousand words are what casts my feelings and thoughts.

I think if you’re reading this and think to yourself, “what is my passion?” whether you’re 10, 15, or 45, you can still discover new things. your goal everyday is to find something that makes you happy. the smallest things that make you happy should be accomplishments. who knows, maybe that small thing will be the biggest life changer of your life!

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