My struggle with dieting

for years I have struggled with my weight.

for years people tell me “you don’t look that big!” which I’m not fat. I can say I’m not fat. however, my weight isn’t fit either. which I have struggled finding that balance for more than I have should.

I have tried so many different methods of dieting. they work for maybe a couple weeks.. then suddenly I end up back at square one. for some reason my motivation burns out as soon as it lit.

I’m not a lazy person either. I love working out. it’s just that when I make it a routine.. that’s where it fails. and to this day I have no reason for it. it’s difficult to understand myself too.

can we also mention that I’m probably one of the most horrible emotional eaters to live this earth. if anything throws me off.. eat eat eat. I’m a very sensitive person too. so most anything will upset me – for example change, negativity, mean opinions, etc. if I’m not okay with something, my mind will tell me to eat. then immediately I will regret what I’ve done.

why are you writing this, adia?

good question adia. I’m writing about my weight & dieting issues because I feel if I post them to my blog.. it will help motivate myself to keep pushing forward. (hey it will distract me from my food cabinet too.. right?)

I hope to put my weight loss journey on here often.. and I hope you’re willing to help me through this! I’m excited to see where this takes me. xo

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