how to be happier

what is the key to happiness? how do I be a happier person?

being a truly happy person is something we all strive for. I have been trying everyday to become happier. as far as I can remember, I would say to everyone around me that I’m content with my life. content. only content?

my question is, why do we just settle on being content with our lives? don’t we wish to be overjoyed? I hope the best for everyone who strives to be the happiest they can possibly be. imagine the time you were so glad. where you were radiating your joy. be like that – everyday.

learn to accept if you expect everything that comes at you. you won’t be able to accept the wrongs. life has downs, we have to learn to accept the sadness we can get at times. it’s a natural feeling to be sad. so once we accept the negative things, it’s easier to see the brighter things in life.

be grateful for everything. even the bad things. be grateful from the rainy days to the heart breaks. everything happens for a reason. be grateful for everything. when you appreciate the small things, the big things seem so much bigger, which means loads better.

forgive the people that hurt you. don’t waste hating people. that leads to jealousy. living with grudges isn’t good for you. you don’t have to like them, but just accept that mistakes happen.

I wish the best of luck to those trying their hardest. I hope you find that happy medium and radiate nothing but good vibes. xo


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