my battle with anxiety

this is a subject that I do not enjoy talking about. but if I don’t start getting comfortable talking about it now, I never will want to talk about it.

ever since I was young. I was a nervous child. I would constantly be concerned about the little things. what sticks in m head the most is I would drain my body about my health. I grew up asking my mom about being sick. & if it’s okay to be doing something in the risk on injuring myself. sometimes it would lead me to tears.

as I slowly grew out of the nervous nelly me, it became more serious. I wasn’t just nervous about the little things, I soon became anxious about the big things.

and the worst.. nothing.

being worried about absolutely nothing is explainable. it’s so bad at times.. that I spend hours at night crying. my body & mind are preparing for the worst. even though I don’t know what I’m preparing for. I will wake up the following morning exhausted. my body will hurt and the only thought running through my head is to fall back asleep in hopes I can be in bed all day.

no one in my life really understands either. they all try to comfort me, but are unsure how to make the thoughts disappear. and sadly, I’m unsure either. I feel like this is something that I need to figure out on my own. which – day by day I am trying.

I pray that all my anxieties are lifted and that I can overcome everything I fear on a daily basis. I hope you can help someone who deals with the same problem. if you don’t understand, it’s okay. all you need is to be there for them and help them the best way possible.

hope you guys have a wonderful weekend and I will always be here for anyone who is having any worries. love you guys. xo

7 thoughts on “my battle with anxiety

  1. I deal with anxiety as well, just today I had an awful anxiety and panick attack so bad I had to get out of the place I was and come back home, it was awful and embarassing, I called my bf and he talked to me until I felt a bit better, then I decided to call my mom which only made it worse, cause like you said, they don’t understand, especially if they’ve never felt it, but it is indeed a struggle for those of us who suffer from it, you’re so brave for speaking up about it.

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    1. yes, anxiety sucks! everyone deals with some type of anxiety.. some worse than others. but there are so many strategies to fight it! this subject is dear to me and I’m always willing to help others too. if you ever need a voice to listen, I’m always here! xo

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