my family rescues animals | adia’s life

growing up, I remember living with many animals. there was never a time we didn’t have a cat or a dog. we tell ourselves in the house that a house would be too quiet without our lovable four legged friends.

since around 2006, we started to rescue cats. if someone in the neighborhood found a litter of abandoned kittens, they would wind up in our house. fast forward ten years.. nothing has changed. our most recent rescue was in January of two kittens that were too cold to be living outside. so we made room for them in our house.

my family also teamed up with “One of a Kind Pets” in Akron, Ohio for a year for TNR cats. “what is TNR?” TNR represents “trap – neuter – return”. it’s linked with stray cats that do not have a place to call home. we trap them and drive up to their sanctuary to spay and neuter. when they are all fixed up we return them the same place we trapped them. in that year alone we spayed & neutered around 25 cats! which if they were not fixed, we would have ended up with much more litters. when a cat is spayed / neutered they have a less chance of becoming ill & dying early. female cats are at a greater chance of ovarian cancer if they have too many litters of kittens. neutered male cats are less likely to fight with other toms.

we have also rescued a dog back in 2014. she is still with us but because of our huge focus on cats, we don’t tend to have our focus on dogs. we have a close relative who is the dog rescuer.. we are the cat rescuers!

if you have a colony of cats somewhere you know, please let a local animal shelter know. they will have someone to direct you too to solve the growing population. without their help, our cat population would have doubled since we started TNR. having someone help with a colony problem is tremendously important! please don’t hesitate to reach out for help. people who devote their life to things like this are always looking for help. very important to control a growing problem.

if you have an animal rescue story, I would love to hear it! I love reading stories of animals finding their forever home. it makes my heart happy. xo

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