saturday routine!

yes i have my own routine for the lovely day that we call saturday. sometimes you need a day out of the week where you do your own thing. because saturday for me is where i wind down and relax my body. because juggling college and high school work deserves a day off, right?

I start my morning by waking up… whenever. yes i allow myself to wake up whenever i desire on Saturdays. im slightly guilty of saying that sometimes i don’t get out of bed until noon. but hey – im not guilty when i feel like a new woman!
i will make myself a lovely breakfast. sometimes it’s eggs, sometimes a bowl of cereal. lately it’s been fruit. and that’s the best to have for breakfast!
typically i don’t have plans for saturdays. on occasions though my mom will go out and shop for a bit. (luckily today that was one of those days!)
relaxing is the majority of my saturdays. so i take that opportunity with every chance i can get! i sometimes will lay in bed to catch up on youtube videos and blogs. other times I will take a walk to enjoy the fresh weather!
to end my day, i take the looongest bath i can take. this is the time i take time for myself. there’s no specific rule to baths. do what relaxes you! i will chill with candles around and try to relax my state of mind. i will also devote that time to God. this is always my favorite part of my day, it’s so peaceful!
what is your weekend routine? i’d love to know! like always, have a wonderful day! xo


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