take care of your body | positivity sunday

happy sunday! I hope everyone is having a safe and happy weekend.

I’m starting a “series” that consists of a blog post every sunday – called “positivity sunday”. sundays to me are important. not only is it the end (or beginning) of a week, it’s probably the most relaxing day of my week. I love sundays because they are the day I can sit around and not worry about anything. It’s the day of the week I like to relax as much as possible.. to get ready for the week that is upon me.

this week’s positivity sunday is about your body. obviously our body is something we need to take care of. but sometimes, we lose track of out bodies and we tend to get carried away in what we are doing. taking your sunday to acknowledge how your body is feeling is so so so important! I tend to take this day to reflect on what my body feels like. does my body & mind feel energized? what should I be eating to make myself feel healthier? and what should I do to minimize stress levels through the hardest days?

taking a brief moment of your day to self check yourself is important. if you truly feel like your lacking something in a certain areas.. then I encourage you do take a step further into how you can make your body feel its greatest. with the warmer weather coming up, it’s important to make sure your body is feeling well!

please remember how much your body means to you! you need to take care of it so you are at your best.

I remember last summer I would wake up around 9 am and I would feel so tired I would need to take a nap at noon. It was an everyday occurrence, no matter how nice it was outside. my family would be enjoying the hot weather outside and I would be inside sleeping. sometimes I would sleep from the afternoon all the way until the sun was setting. it honestly took over my summer life and I had to do something about it. after looking at my diet I noticed that my intake of vitamins was lacking. I then taught myself how to make smoothies. (which are amazing!!) I took vitamins every morning. after a couple days my energy levels were so much higher! I felt so great and I didn’t spend my afternoons sleeping! I encourage you to change something in your diet if you feel you are missing out on something important!!

remember to love yourself & your mind! before you can love anything else, you need to learn to love yourself! and all it takes is some one on one time with yourself. soon you will become independent in yourself and grow to love and appreciate things you never imagined you could!

have a great sunday! xo

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