always be excited for something | positivity sunday

good morning / afternoon / night everyone! I’m starting my morning by looking at videos of Chicago trips, and it’s getting my super pumped! I’ll be traveling to perform at the Thanksgiving Parade with my band in November! every time I think about going there I get super excited and I cannot wait! which gets me to think, why can we all be excited for something… always?

the feeling of being excited can be so thrilling we almost wish it would go away. we all have felt the feeling of being excited. whether it’s for a road trip, concert, or seeing someone. it’s all the same feeling. and for me, I love being excited. obviously because it’s better than being sad, or dreading something. but also because that means something big is coming up in your life. and that big thing is a good thing!

I hope everyone can think of something to be excited about today. and hold on to that feeling until that event happens! we all should look forward to something and whether it’s big or small, it’s something that will make us happy!

if you cannot think of something to look forward to, then start to find things / opportunities that will fulfill your life! make a trip with friends, try out a new restaurant, or go thrift store shopping. something that you are excited to do! and that you’ll have fun doing. it doesn’t have to be extraordinary. like i said, something that makes your life lighter and spontaneous! xo


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