bucket list / goals for 2016 | adia’s life

I hope you guys are accomplishing your goals so far this year! I usually make my list around this time because to me if I have goals at day one.. I know those goals will not be met by March! so I think now it’s appropriate to have my goals & bucket list for this year!

  1. spend more time outside
  2. find myself more – these past years have been all about finding myself & becoming the person I vision every day, and I want to continue that more this year.
  3. plan my future – I have yet to decide “college or not” and I pray this is the year this is settled.
  4. become a healthier eater – I have been eating better and drinking better fluids, but I want to make this more of a habit. I want this to be my daily routine!
  5. get my licence – I have had terrible experiences getting my licence and to even think about testing again scares me, but I really need it & I hope I can soon!
  6. get a job – I have a job for sure for me, I just need to apply and get all that out of the way! money is getting more important to me & I need money!!
  7. inspire others – whether it’s through my blog, during band, or where ever, I hope to have others look up to me for help!
  8. get out more – I always hang out with my friends, I want to do this more often to where I have plans frequently throughout this summer!
  9. accomplish more in band – this is HUGE for me! I want to become better at playing my flute and music in general, which every day I notice improvements.
  10. get more clothes  – need to say more? 🙂

I think with these 10 goals, this year will be brighter and better! What are your goals and accomplishments for this year? I would love to hear them! xo


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