I am (and not) anxious for summer

Hi guys! as the weather is getting warmer, I’m getting more excited for this summer. In fact, in my band room we have a countdown calendar for how many school days left until summer. However, as excited as I am for the summer, band camp, and everything that comes with school ending.. I am realizing this is my last summer break as a high schooler. Which is happy but really scary at the same time.

I honestly love summer break, I get to hang out with all my friends and I get to work with my band director to organize the upcoming marching show. I adore the warm weather as well. I’m the person to dread winter because of how cold it is… if I don’t have anywhere to be, I will stay inside when it is cold outside.

Don’t get me started on band camp. that is my favorite 3 weeks of my whole year. I love showing others how to become a better marcher & player. Along with leadership skills and just enjoying the people that are around me, that I call family! (but as excited as I am, this is my last year! eek!)

So this is basically just a thought I’m having of how exciting this summer is going to be! But this is my last summer as a high schooler. I honestly am very nervous to have one more year of high school left. I love being in school honestly. I love people and being able to see all my friends & teachers. But it’s all different for everyone!

How is your summer going to be like? I would love to know! xo

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