what true joy is to me | adia’s life

yesterday was my band & choir state contest. which is a huge deal to the arts. if you don’t know what contest is.. basically your group performs 3 pieces in front of a series of judges. then you proceed to play / sing a song you have never seen before. all of that is rated on a scale of 1-5. 1 is the best 5 is the worst. if you get a 1 you proceed to state contest.

my band has not gotten a 1 at state for 27 years. last night.. we broke that record. receiving a superior rating last night was the feeling of pure happiness. it’s that feeling where everything goes so fast but all you can do is appreciate what you’ve accomplished. while performing last night, all i could think is about the rating. during the performance i felt like everyone was in sync and the feeling is something i strive for. playing is my joy. and last night everyone in the room felt that while playing and after the rating. T-0QeRn6

i’m so glad to say that my family broke a record and that this means nothing is impossible with the band. all we can do is learn and grow. i’m so excited to see how my senior year will end up with this event. i’m blessed to call this my second family. the choir also received a 1 at states last night, which is also just as important! we have had a superior streak and i don’t want to lose that.


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