why it sucks being a competitive person

it’s in human nature to want things. we all strive to get the things we want, through competing. sometimes we get what we want, other time we don’t. however, being so competitive in everything can create regretful decisions. I personally can relate to this on a daily basis. being involved in choir, band, musical, and everything music calls for competition. I tend to get very involved in getting my goals accomplished. I regret it in the way of saying things I shouldn’t have said or doing things that portray as being rude. like sorry I just get competitive.

trust me. I have tried out for numerous band positions, tried out for solos, played solos, and every time for some reason.. competing with others creates a motivation for myself. thus making  myself work harder. so I guess having this personality makes me practice harder every day.

but why are people so competitive? why do we get mad when we don’t get their way? maybe it’s because we are selfish? but we can’t be, I don’t call myself selfish in any way..? or am i?

these are the things that I think of between my flaws.. or things I need to work on. like my competitive personality. maybe I’m competitive because I have a direct goal. maybe it’s for myself and not to make others feel bad.. at least I think that’s what it is.

are you a competitive person? if not what are things within your personality that you wish you could tone down.. even though you basically cannot do?


2 thoughts on “why it sucks being a competitive person

  1. I totally feel you! Sometimes it’s bigger than me and this competitive feeling comes out, I do my best not to show it but inside it requires struggling… On one side it’s good though, cause you make sure you always give your best, but yeah on the other side… That feeling of pressure and not being satisfied it’s not happy at all… Especially in the music environment!

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