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today we received band music that was written for us from two students that passed from a car accident 5 years ago. Larry Clark was the man that wrote this song for our school.

wow. just wow.

I recommend you stop and listen to this song. our band saved $3,000 for this song to be written. and Larry Clark did such a wonderful job. 5 years and it still hits home.

music always changes me. it’s amazing how much it can stop me and just feel my emotions. it’s the feeling that you’re not on this earth. you seem lightless and alone.. but alone in a way where you’re fine with it. and at that point you don’t want to leave that emotional comfort that is brought by music.

sounds weird, but it was almost like they were with me when I was playing. i never knew them personally, but you can still bring the emotions that stops you in your tracks.

the way music brings up the emotional side to us is amazing. we have all felt that. when we are pushed away from a song or the emotions of a song. it hits you and it’s almost like at that moment in time.. you’ve changed?

every year my choir will sing the Hallelujah Chorus during our Christmas concert. it brings that emotion every time, no matter how many time I have sung that song. I feel powerless, but with so much power.

in band, I will feel like I have no boundaries during concerts, and contest. also when we pull out sad songs, like this song in band for those two students. you lock with the piece and you become a part of it. and I hope that everyone can experience this in their lifetime.

2 thoughts on “music is emotional | adia’s life

  1. I totally agree, that feeling you have when you understand the meaning of a song or when it really touches you is not comparable to anything else! Thank you for sharing this wonderful thought, it made me think about how music can actually help us to overcome problems 🙂


  2. It’s so special when you feel people in the air, while you know they’re not physically there. I feel it sometimes too, whenever I dance to a song with emotional lyrics. Not really the same, but yeah. 🙂 x


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