Meeting Scott Lang

meeting Scott Lang today a selected number of members in my group met Scott Lang today. he’s an author and motivational speaker in the field of music & band. he was energetic and I was surprised by how the room was so quiet the entire time of the speech.

he told us to be grateful in everything we do.

“never complain about having to go home and practice your horn. someone is out there who would kill to be able to play an instrument.” – Scott Lang

“You must because you can. You can because you must.” – Scott Lang

“Your blessing is your curse and your curse is your blessing.” – Scott Lang

he said it’s a fact that woodwind players are more musically talented than brass. not because of the person.. but we are segregated by the instrument we play. see in a standard band, low brass will play quarter notes. typically never the melody, right? woodwind play all these fancy melodies that it’s given they get more stuff to play.. typically.

but that shouldn’t limit brass to becoming better than wood winds. you can play tuba better than a flute player. you have to work for it.

We went to the parking lot and he put his trust in us to close our eyes and take so many steps forward for different scenarios.

“Take 3 steps for every year you’ve been in band.”

“Take 3 steps back if you have lost a friend because of band.”

“Take 4 steps back if money limited you to music.”

After about 20 questions we opened our eyes. I was towards the back.. meaning I have the “less advantage” among everyone else. This hit me pretty hard. I’ve been in band for 6 years.. yet compared to people younger than me are farther up than me. Even though I was in the back, he explained that we all need to become one line in order to be a successful band.

When we went inside we had to go to the board and write one word that describes our band. At least 50 words were on the board. Yet the words that were most popular was home, dedication, and family. he described how that we would be lying if we ever doubted anyone. told someone off because they’re younger than you. so you may think those words are what your band is.. but you’re wrong. It’s what you wish your band was. which really hit home for me.. because it is true deep down. I see so much potential in the people around me, yet they don’t put the effort as much as I wish. I was in tears so many times. this experience was something I won’t forget. I thank Scott Lang for the speech and opening my eyes to the opportunities of who I still need to become.


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