Why I chose Music | Adia’s Life

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I always get out of asked how music changed me and why I chose music. Music this has been with me since the beginning.  I remember being really little and wanting to be in the band and  being in the color guard. (even up to this day have never been in the color guard.) I joined Band in the 6th grade because I wanted to join color guard. However, I found a love for playing the flute.. And that has stuck with me for the past 6 years.

I chose music because I was never athletic. I was scared to go and run. I was afraid to lose against talented athletes. So I quit Track & Field before my Freshman year. Sometimes I miss running, but it never stuck to me like how music has.

Music is rewarding. Music makes you feel good after practicing for hours. You feel accomplished and you want to pick that instrument up again and play more. It changed my life because without it, I know that I would probably be putting my happiness in other’s hands. And I would be finding my joy in other places that are dangerous.

I chose music because I love being surrounded with the love and motivation this family gives daily. Every day there is a new surprise and I love finding out other’s stories about why they chose music. Music is comforting. It’s my safe zone where if I feel scared, I know this is something that backs me up and pushes me forward. And I hope you can find that zone where you feel so much joy.


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