10 things band kids will only understand

1. Staying in step with your friends is a must. If you are with band kids, most likely you will be in step with them without even knowing. It’s basically second nature to us.

2. Watching movies isn’t “watching movies” anymore. It’s more of “Did you hear that trumpet solo?” and “I didn’t like that movie.. The soundtrack wasn’t that good.”

3. Those band traditions you had will be in your memory forever. For my band, whenever we spot a plane the entire band points toward the plane. Why? We don’t know.. It’s a band thing! Nothing makes sense in band!

4. Being surrounded by sweaty people and valve oil covered instruments isn’t weird to you. It’s actually the thing we look forward to in the summer.

5. That awkward time when marching band starts and you see new marchers with you.. Aka the freshman. To me it’s uncomfortable, to others it’s fun.

6. When you hear a song you automatically know the time signature. Don’t lie, you know you do this.

7. The Summer will always remind you of Band Camp. And once school is out you count down the days until Band Camp.

8. You dread playing scales. Scales are my worst nightmare..

9. Your right tennis shoe has a hole from pivoting so much.

10. Getting named a “band nerd” is a compliment to you. Because yes.. I am a band nerd. And proud of it!

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