Change scares me

Recently, I made hard decisions in my life where I needed to change. Being 17 is difficult because this is where you’re learning the change. I think in all my years, this is the period where I’m finding myself the most. And I sat down and realized some things involved in my life need to be broken apart from myself.

After letting go of the hardest times in my life, I felt okay. It seemed like I now know where I am heading and life is lightening up. However, it’s only becoming harder to find myself. Is it because I don’t like the change? Or because I made a wrong decision?

It’s weird though, I can see my happiness in my head but I can’t actually do it. It’s not frustrating to me it’s just upsetting and scary. I like trying to figure out the right and wrong in my life. But I’m scared that I actually did something wrong. Did I let go of something too important? Or is the change making me miss my comfort zone?

With school being out, I guess I still have time to learn.


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