Praying for Orlando

This morning I woke up to hear 20 people were shot and killed at a nightclub. Later it was broke to 50 people dead and 53 injured. Which is expected to unfortunately rise as the day passes.

It’s 2016.. And homophobia is still a thing? Why don’t we accept our own kind. Maybe in some eye’s they are “different”. But in reality, they are exactly the same. Love is Love. Don’t discriminate someone because they are attracted to a gender you aren’t. See two males kissing on the street? Go them. They are brave enough to show the world they don’t care. Because frankly, I don’t care what the LGBT community does. They all have the same rights as everyone else does. Also.. It’s 2016. Why are mass shootings still happening every day? Why haven’t we said this is enough and put an end on this?

Why don’t we start a revolution on gun control and prevent lunatics from getting a hold of guns? Where do we draw the line to where enough is enough? No one want’s to come to the US after hearing all the shootings that’s happening. No one want’s to travel to a country where terrorism and hate is happening, right? We can’t even go anywhere to feel safe. This nightclub was a place for the LGBT community to come together, have fun, and feel safe without judgement. My questions is.. Where is safe these days? I cannot think of any place that’s actually “safe.”

No matter what your race, gender, ethnicity, or sexuality is.. There are people who love you. There are always people you can reach out to and talk to.


Gay & Lesbian National Hotline

1 – 888 – THE – GLNH
1 – 888 – 843 – 4564

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender (GLBT) Youth Support Line

800 – 850 – 8078

Gay & Transgender Hate Crime Hotline

1 – 800 – 616 – HATE

Suicide & Crisis Hotline


Suicide Hotline – (National Adolescent)


Suicide Prevention


The Trevor Help Line


( These are just a few of dozens of hotlines ) I will link the numbers I received these from HERE. If you’re looking are a certain number, use “ctrl + f” and search.)

You can also Text the word “Trevor” to 1-202-304-1200.

Just remember that we are here for you. We love out LGBT community and we will fight for everyone who is struggling. It’s sad that the world is crippling into an environment that is filled with mass shootings and violence. I am praying for anyone who needs help. I strongly believe in the power of Christ to bring peace to the scared. I have an email address that you can send me a message if you have questions or concerns. I will respond within the day and will be happy to help. xo



2 thoughts on “Praying for Orlando

  1. My hope for LGBT is for it not to be a thing anymore. For the fact that you’re gay not having to be something that you’re ashamed of. That children won’t have to come out to their parents anymore because saying “I’m gay” would be basically like saying “I’m straight”. For two guys holding hands and walking down the street not be a reason for umbrage or even celebration because it’s a basic part of life.
    Unfortunately the world has a very long way to go and the best we can do is hope and pray.


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