Dear Mass Shooters

Before you read, Please remember these are my opinions. If you have a problem with what I say, please stop reading. I don’t want hate on a touchy topic. It’s hard enough to type for myself.

Dear mass shooters,

We will refuse to let the fear take over. We will not spend our days hiding in our homes, afraid of what the outcome will be if we go out in public. We will spend out lives full of fun and love. Never looking back on our decisions of traveling to famous and new places. I will continue to travel around this beautiful place God has given us. He gave us this wonderful place, and I will explore from the very grains of dirt to appreciate this creation for us.

My band director told me, “I can die anyplace.. anytime.” And now I live to that. It cannot be any more true. If I were to be shot and killed today, I would have died sometime. And even though that’s tragic to listen to. And for myself, to say as well. I came to accept I can die anytime anywhere. Even if it’s from a gun, or from my own health. We won’t restrict fulfilling our only life to people like you. I love this planet. I won’t stop doing what I love.

I pray every night that one day, we can go to bed and wake up without hearing violence in the news. But if it continues to have people like you, that will never happen. I want to have children of my own, and I don’t want to explain to them when they ask, “Why do people shoot other people?” “Why is there violence?” Because honestly, I don’t have an answer to that. I can’t say why people are being shot and killed. The only answer I have is some people don’t know what love is. They have never been loved. They don’t know how to love another. Teach yourself and your family & friends that love is the most important thing to a human being. I believe that the key to world peace is pure joy and love. Radiate it so much that it’s contagious. Because without love, we are powerless and left with hate. Us as humans we depend on love. Once it’s stripped from out hearts we trust only ourselves and see other people as a threat. When more times than not, we are not the threat. You are the threat.

Dear Mass Shooters.. We will not stop until it ends. I will continue to love until you’re stopped. God has plans for you, remember that when you’re upset with a religion or country. Not every plan God has is good either.. He knows what’s going to happen.

No matter if you’re gay, straight, Muslim, Christian.. Whatever. We will hold hand in hand and end the violence that happens in the streets. We will create safe homes for the homeless. We will create a generation of those who care for ourselves and strangers. And spread awareness and love to those who need it.. Before it’s too late.

Dear Mass Shooter. I am not afraid to say what’s right. I won’t stop. And I don’t plan on stopping. There are places you can go for help if you feel like violence is the answer. Violence is never the answer. No excuses.

Why do we let violent people get a hold of weapons such as guns? Have we drawn that line? Because it seems like guns are creating a problem. Not to those who use them properly, however. It’s those who see violence in one. Guns are used for self-defense. Not to harm the innocent.

I’m praying for you. I’m praying for those affected in any shooting / violence incident. We are here for you.




8 thoughts on “Dear Mass Shooters

  1. I think that was one of the most beautiful and true things I’ve ever read. Thank you for expressing this. It’s absolutely heartbreaking how much violence there is in the world, and then I wonder how people can get hold of guns so easily. It’s absolutely terrible.


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