Top 10 songs to jam out to for Summer!

I have been needing to make this for a while.. But hey, at least it’s not actually Summer yet! I’ve been trying to expand my music taste. Not that I don’t like the songs I listen to. It’s just I want to see what other genres I enjoy, ya know? These songs are in no particular order, just give them a try and see! They range from indie material to country, all the way to the “I need to jam to this” style! Give them a try!

1. Troye Sivan – Youth : Troye Sivan’s music is always very chill. It’s almost like you have to be in the mood for his music. I can’t listen to it any time of day. Youth is a good song to chill out to.

2. Lee Brice – Drinking Class : This is a great Country song that I will jam out to at a bonfire kind of feel. I think of Summer when I hear this song and I feel like I’m watching fireworks and eating grilled food.

3. Jonas Blue Dakota – Fast Car (Radio Edit) : I’m gonna say, at first I didn’t like this song. But now it’s a fun song to just listen to. It’s not my cup of tea 24/7. But if I want to listen to something different, this is the song.

4. Meghan Trainer – NO : I love this song because you literally can relate to this in some type of way. Got boy problems..? Jam to this.

5. Coldplay – O : This peaceful song is one of my favorites. Anything Coldplay is amazing. But this is probably my favorite Coldplay song because it’s slow and quiet. Definitely a good song to fall asleep to, or if you’re emotional.. Because to me it’s a very emotional song.

6. Phillip Phillips – Unpack Your Heart : I love jamming to this song because it’s so upbeat. I could listen to this song when I’m sad and for some reason it always warms me up.

7. Pharrell Williams – Freedom : Not only have I worked out to this song many times, I love this song because it’s different. If you’re looking for something different, this is the song!

8. Speakrs – Golden Age : This song is so emotional. And it’s not one of those generic pop songs. It speaks to me. And I cried the first time I listened to this. If you were to only choose one song from this list.. This would be the song.

9. Selena Gomez – Hands to Myself : I’m not usually a fan of Selena Gomez. But this song is perfect for those “Look at me” moments. Which.. is not a bad thing!

10. Hunter Hayes & Lady Antebellum – Where it All Begins : I like this Country song because the words have meaning. Which is always good in a song. (And I love this song!!!)

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