This Earth is Beautiful | Adia’s Life

Orlando, Florida has experienced tragedy after tragedy. First the death of singer Christina Grimmie, then the mass shooting at Pulse Nightclub, then a family lost their son to an alligator attack right by Disney World. All these sad events has left us exhausted. Not only in Florida. But around the world, and in our personal lives. I have battled problems in my life, and lives that I’m not involved with. It’s all truly tiring and we all just want a break.

Sunsets to me are a reminder that this Earth is a canvas. God paints pictures for us to see. I like to think of them as He is painting a picture to remind us we aren’t alone here. That He is with us in every step of the way. He touches our hearts with the amazing colors and textures above us. He is truly amazing.

Tonight’s sunset was something I have never seen before. My breath was taken away by this. As I was taking pictures of His work I felt peace. I felt like He was reminding me that I am only human. I can take so much until it’s not okay. And that’s normal. Because I have to trust in Him for these problems and I only know He is telling me something is coming bigger and better.


wV1Vsa9k.jpg BDa1I_kt.jpg


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