I’ve been enjoying solitude

Summer is supposed to be hanging out with old friends and trying new things, right? Right? I mean that’s what everyone tells me. Except I have been doing the opposite, really. Which to me is not a bad thing at all.

I have been spending the majority of my Summer by myself and spending time with myself. Yes this makes me sound like a creepy loner that stays in a dark room all day.


But just hear me out.

I’m actually finding myself. For me, spending time alone for a little bit everyday helps me gather my thoughts and the stress that I have built up. It makes me think about myself and where I want to be.. And where I am standing now. Without thinking about it too much, I vision myself doing the things I want to do, to get me to the person I want to me. And It helps me. I probably sound like a weird guru psychic. I might be. But if it works, then maybe it’ll work for you.

tumblr_njr9nvsWeW1si3gq6o1_r1_500.gifNot only am I becoming better at being by myself, I depend less on others. I am a very dependent person. I don’t think that will change. But in certain situations, I can now be by myself and I am okay. Which is actually really big for me. (PARTY!)

Also, I have been having more moments where I actually feel alive and present. Those feelings where you actually feel grounded and happy? That’s the feeling. Yesterday I sat outside and I couldn’t help but just smile at everything around me. I felt completely okay with my life, I had no worries and I felt like I was in the present. I’m the person that dwells on the past, and worries about the future. But feeling the moment, right now. Is the best feeling ever.

Plus.. I have gotten into the grove of photography again. And it’s a refreshing feeling to see my pictures again:

For a while I was so busy with everything that I didn’t make any time for myself. After replacing the time I worried with time exploring and finding new things to discover, I felt a new feeling of gratitude and joy.

I hope you find time for yourself, even if it’s 10 minutes a day. Just spend time to yourself, by yourself. You’ll mentally feel better and overall you’ll start feeling better about yourself! xo

10 thoughts on “I’ve been enjoying solitude

  1. Exactly ! I’m glad there’s one more person on earth who is trying to sort out life through solitude and not actually viewing it as a hindrance…
    Good luck for your photography though ! Your snaps are amazing !

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