5 ways to win my heart | Day 1

I am doing the 30 day blog challenge. I stumbled on it and I decided to give it a whirl! It looks like very good topics and gives me an excuse to make blog posts. 🙂


Today is 5 ways to win my heart. Thinking about it, I thought this would be easy, but I’m a very picky person.. It takes a lot to win my heart over. (Future husband.. Take notes.)

  1. Music Geek. If you are involved in band / choral activities as much as I am.. That’s already winning my heart over. I cannot talk to someone about my music related topics to a band hating human.. That’s no fun. If you are a band geek like me.. We could talk for hours.awk

I remember talking to a friend about being in marching band and how the new marchers are not picking up the drills. And they are too shy to pass off to me. Then, halfway through
the conversation.. I realized that I’m basically talking to a brick wall. “THEY AREN’T IN BAND STUPID.” I slowly dropped the conversation.. Like nothing happened..

2. You cook good? Good. We’re friends now. Other than blogging and band; food is my passion. I love cooking. I love eating. I mean, who wouldn’t want a friend that you can cook with? Try each others foods. Sounds like a great friday night to me!

3. Take as many pictures as me. I’m that person that has to stop a great moment to say, “Hold on.. Let me take a picture of this!” I’m also that person that wants to capture even the smallest moments. I want a huge scrapbook of all my pictures one day so when I’m old and frail I can look back and say, “I remember this!” Yes. I am that person. NO SHAME.

ee52c120-ab71-0132-4670-0e9062a7590a.gif     4. Always down for road trips. Even if it’s just an hour drive, I am always down for a drive. I adore being in the car. And being with people you love, just driving to explore
around, is seriously the best feeling ever. (Sometimes I hint to my friends that we should go somewhere.. They take the hint and say “LETS GO”) 

5. You genuinely care for others. I’m that person that makes sure other people are happy before myself. It’s a habit. However, if I have a friend that does the same.. Then does that mean we.. Take care of each other????

The list could go on, but these are the main 5. Basically if you are a nice human being, then hey, you already won my heart over. xo


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