What I feel strongly about.. | Day 2

Day 2 of the 30 day blogger challenge. Today is to blog about something you feel strongly about. This is going to be about the environment, animals, and the way we are treating this earth. (Basically me being a green thumb, animal rights freak (Yaaaaay..))

By all means, I am not a vegetarian or anything. I would LOVE to be a vegetarian, I am slowly eating less meat. But my body simply doesn’t transition from one diet to another very well. So I am trying!

tumblr_n5vzl8y4nj1tv4k5po1_400.gifBut I honestly, RESPECT those who don’t eat meat because of their animal beliefs. It’s literally the least you can do, but the most you can do. Like.. You are changing your entire diet for something you strongly feel about. Keep doing you vegans and vegetarians. You’re helping one hen, cow, and pig at a time. That’s a life you’re deciding to keep instead of eat. I’m working on it, I promise! I cannot stand to think the foods I eat were once lives, animals. I don’t want to sounds like a animal rights freak, but hey sorry. You vegans & vegetarians are doing a great thing.

But.. It’s kind of scary to think that we came on this Earth and starting cutting down trees, killing animals, and said “Yes, that’s perfect.” Like, I understand we couldn’t of done anything else to live. But STILL. Sometimes when I am on the road, I feel guilty. Because what my car is driving on. Used to be trees, a home for animals. And now it’s a transportation device for us.

I just wish sometimes we could change some things we do, for the sake of the animals.

I mean, OBVIOUSLY we are doing something wrong if animals are going extinct and dying off rapidly. We might not be able to change the fact that we cut down trees for the sake of our living needs. But littering and polluting the air with toxic chemicals? That is something we can choose to stop. This is also why recycling is important. I recycle my plastics and glass. And it makes me feel better that it’s not being wasted. Plus it cuts down my trash so I can use less trash bags every week!!!!

It’s just mind boggling to understand why we choose to continue to see other animals die off and we don’t do anything about it. If the human population was dying, obviously we would do something about it.. But we don’t for other animals now do we?

Before I make this into a huge topic. Let me just say, take care of your surroundings. Recycle as much as you can, don’t litter, and be courteous when you’re doing something. Think about how many lives were used to give you privileges. xo


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