Favorite TV shows this Summer | Day 3

Day three of the 30 day blogger challenge is to talk about your favorite Television Program, now I don’t normally watch TV. I am so caught up on my life activities I don’t have time to watch TV. But Netflix is my go to for watching TV. That being said, I have more of a “list” of shows and movies to watch than shows I watch. (My Friday nights are usually me watching Grey’s Anatomy until 3 am.. No shame.)

  1. The Office. I have only seen a couple episodes of this show, and I already love it. To
    me, it honestly makes no sense whatsoever. But, for some reason it keeps me going back to watch it again and again.. Plus it has many good gifs to use. Which is always a plus in my opinion.


       2. SNL (Saturday Night Live). Sadly, they only have one season of it on Netflix, because if they had more than the 21 episodes they have.. I wouldn’t be writing this blog. Because let’s face it. I binge watched SNL that I finished the 21 episodes in a solid week. And that.. I have no shame whatsoever.

3. Grey’s Anatomy. Also known as the show that I watch on a daily basis. I binge watch this show everyday. It’s no shame either. I cry through every episode and if you have not watched this show yet.. WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE. I recommend to add this to your list if you have Netflix. Because trust me, it will ruin your life.. But in a good way.


I have yet to watch:

  • Weeds
  • Parks and Recreations
  • Once upon a Time
  • Gossip Girl

If you have any shows you love to watch, I’d love to hear them! xo


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