Day 5 of the 30 day blogger challenge is to write about a book you love. Ironically, I’m not too good at reading, or writing. (BUT I BLOG?) I would like to get back into reading books again, but for some reason. EVERY BOOK I READ, I will lose interest in it half way. I have a bad attention span when it comes to reading.

I do have one book that is not a story or a long read book. It’s a self-help book. This book is called “101 days to make a change“. And it is an amazing book. I shouldn’t even consider it a book because there’s no story to it. It’s basically a journal that you log in every day.

Each day has a new topic. Whether it’s about self-love, your diet, or meditation. Every day you read a lesson and you are required to take notes about your outcome. If done every day, you’ll eventually gain skills to help yourself.

I bought this book back in March and haven’t got into it since about 2 weeks ago. Every day it challenges you to do something new, or change your way of thinking. I think that after these 101 days, I will become a better person mentally and physically!

So, if you’re looking for a journal / book about self help. This is the best it can get. I purchased it on and it was literally less than $5. It’s not a popular book, but it definitely is worth every penny and page!


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