Favorite Season | Day 6

Today is to talk about my favorite season. And I have no Least favorite season. I mean, Spring is the beginning of life, Summer is where you can go swimming.. and other summer-y things. Fall is where all the colors are changing, and Winter is CHRISTMAS.

So, really.. I don’t have a favorite season. They all have their pros and cons. Spring is still cold but then the next day it’s warm, Summer is just hot, Fall is that awkward transition to cold,  and winter is just COLD.

Every season is always good however, for photography.

What I love about the Winter is the freshness of it. It’s always so clean and it’s refreshing. I also love Winter because of Christmas and the joys of the holidays. The snow is always so pretty. And sometimes.. It’s just nice to stay inside and take a warm bath with the smell of pine through your home. At the time, it doesn’t seem pleasing. But as I’m sweating in my bedroom, I wish I could be in the snow right now.

Spring is where things are turning green. After months of silent outside, you start to hear the first chirps from the returning birds. The life coming back is the best. You can start going outside in a jacket and feel okay. You also have Easter which to me, is the kick off to Spring!

When you hear Summer. You might thinking of country music, barbecues, and swimming. That’s what I think. (Also as a band nerd, I think of it as BAND CAMP!) I always look forward to Summer because of the heat, and everything with Fourth of July. It’s seriously the season I think of in the Winter!

Fall is the best for pictures. The leaves changing. Everything about Fall is beautiful. I spend it outside at Football games and I love knowing that it’s Fall.

Remember to enjoy the season all year long. Every day is a beautiful day, so enjoy it like it’s your favorite season. xo

2 thoughts on “Favorite Season | Day 6

  1. Those pictures are so pretty! Also, if I had to choose one favourite, I’d probably choose Winter because it feels so cosy and everything is really pretty! Although I do love the colours in fall, or Autumn in my case (British). 😀

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