Oh, my childhood | Day 7

Today for day 7, I am supposed to talk about my favorite childhood toys. Now, I do have cool memories with my toys that I used to have. But the thing that I could talk about more, is my actual childhood.

Now, my childhood was rough, I traveled back and forth every other weekend to see my dad. He lived about an hour away from my mom. My brother, sister, and I would see him for a weekend every 2 weeks. Sometimes, I would be so excited to go see him. But other times, I didn’t want to pack and go there.

You see, my dad left my mom. He found another girl that he lives with. But to me, it seems like they are only there for the money to support each other. Every time I went there, I was lucky if they didn’t argue over something. It was so bad, that my dad would have my siblings and I “Camp out” outside so they can yell at each other. I appreciated that they didn’t want us in the middle of the fighting, but they couldn’t hide it very well.


I did have neighbors at my dad’s house. The street we lived on has so many kids my age. (The area wasn’t the best place to live FYI. It was in the bad parts of a city.) What I love about those friends I had was that all we wanted to do was have fun. We didn’t want to cause trouble. I became friends with this boy who was the same age as me. I was 4 when he invited us to go swimming with him and his older sister who was 12. Ever since then we were best friends. We spent every weekend together. Everyone said we would grow up and get married. It’s so crazy to think I spend a good 10 or so years with them and now we are grown up. I don’t talk to any of them anymore that I never think about those memories together. Even writing this is giving me huge nostalgia.

I remember my dad lived by an airport and beside it was an ice cream place. We would all get together, and walk there to get ice cream. The airport had an air show every summer and we would go there to see the airplanes and hang out as kids.

We were of the ages of 10-18. And the only way to describe it is we were a gang. But a gang of innocent kids who just wanted to hang out. I remember my childhood sweetheart and spending every weekend together. I’m certain I spent more time with him and his family more than my own dad’s house. Because we had fun. I enjoyed my childhood even though it wasn’t learning to ride bikes; or spending time with your family. My family back then was those friends who hung out together on the street. I spent my entire childhood with those group of friends. I think it would be nice to see them again.

Childhoods don’t have to be positive all the time. I made with what I had and I would NEVER change anything.

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