Update on my life

If you haven’t read my last post; I have been on a 5-month break. During that time, I visited new places, done amazing things, and did stuff that I have to tell you guys!


Started my senior year of high school: This is actually really scary to me. I absolutely love being in high school, and the thought of leaving all my friends, teachers, and all the good memories in the school is a little frightening to me. I am still shaky on my future plans. Which I do plan to make a post on the scary-ness of graduating for me. But so far, it’s been a fantastic year! I just finished my first semester and I have one more to go! A lot of “lasts” have been talked about. 😦

15349765_1378854852148769_2999184521122332980_nLast year of Marching band and Show Choir: If you even looked at my blog, you know I am musically active at my school. I just wrapped up my last season of my show choir. I always loved going out to our local nursing homes and singing for them. It brings me so much joy to hear their stories and that they haven’t smiled in months until we came and sang for them. That’s what the holidays are about!


Marching band ended in October and it broke my heart knowing it was over. I can’t tell you how many times I cried after playing and marching for the last time. It never hit me that it was going to be over, until it came.

I visited Chicago: I traveled over Thanksgiving with our band to perform in the Mcdonald’s Thanksgiving Parade. And it was so surreal! I never imagined myself performing on National TV with dozens of other marching bands. We also toured the city and it was so beautiful! I spent the trip with my closest friends. And I was so thankful to have these kind of people in my life. I would go back when it’s warmer.. And I plan to possibly after I graduate!

Here is some pictures from my Chicago trip! :

All in all, I had a very fun last couple of months. And I’m glad I am back on here though. And I’m excited to blog my next challenges and journeys with you guys! xo


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