2016 and beyond

It looks like 2016 is officially coming to an end! I think it had its ups and its downs. I had a lot of things happen to me, and a lot I really don’t want to remember. So I’m glad for this fresh start, then again.. I’m terrified for a new year. See, I’m a person that hates change and new things. I just don’t. I enjoy sticking to the same things and not worrying about changing anything. But getting over some rocky things in my life needs a new chapter, right?

One thing that happened was relationships. Now as a teenage girl in highschool.. it’s typical. You hear about it, see it in movies, and read it in books. But I had rocky some relationships. And I can say, I’ve learned a lot about them. That you have to love yourself before the guy. And you have to realize that there will be fights and arguments. But in the end, it’s about loving that person and being there for them. If you expect a relationship to be perfect, then it just won’t work out.

I also learned about self-love. Sometimes, we forget about ourselves because we are focusing more on other people or just our lives.. but not our actual selves. We need to take some time out of our days to love ourselves. Put on some makeup and glam yourself up, wear your favorite outfit, do something that makes you feel you.

I also traveled to Chicago this year, and it kinda sparked a love for people and traveling to new places. Which gives me little goals for the next couple years to plan a trip with friends and see new places.

Senior Year is also a thing now.. Which means many lasts and tears. 😦 Which you will hear about more in future blogs.

I also learned that things take time. Sometimes getting something will take a little longer than anticipated. So you just need to wait.

Another thing I learned was that it is okay to be sad. To cry. And to be angry. We are all human. So it is totally fine to isolate yourself from the world and cry it out. Don’t be afraid of sadness. If you hide your feelings then you won’t be able to control them well. And you won’t be able to tell what you’re feeling. I feel like being sad once in a while is healthy for us to understand emotions. But, that shouldn’t mean you should be sad everyday. 🙂

As for my goals for 2017, I will be making that blog post within the next day or two! Leave your comments about how you learned about 2016, and how you will use those skills in the new year! xo


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