50 things to accomplish in 2017

I wouldn’t say this is a “New Years Resolution” type of goals. But I like to say little things that I plan to achieve in the next year to make more memories, learn new things, and become closer to myself. Feel free to use this list to help achieve goals in the next year. Enjoy!

  1. Highlight important verses in my Bible
  2. Eat healthier/Be mindful of what I’m eating
  3. Stay committed in my current relationship, no matter the challenges
  4. Build a closer relationship to God
  5. Learn to not be afraid of the future
  6. Continue to play flute after graduation
  7. Read more books
  8. Learn the basics to meditate – even just 10 minutes a day
  9. Try yoga
  10. Get a job
  11. Make a list of 52 things to make me happy (one thing a week!)
  12. Plan/Save for a trip
  13. Find myself more
  14. Learn to control my feelings
  15. Learn to love mornings
  16. Be happy more than I was in 2016
  17. Visit someplace new
  18. Take more walks
  19. Discover new music
  20. Keep up with my journal & blog
  21. Drink more water
  22. Take more pictures
  23. Stay organized
  24. End my senior year great
  25. Meet new people
  26. Buy a lot of new clothes
  27. Be more romantic
  28. Learn to knit
  29. Visit a festival
  30. Become more flexible
  31. Volunteer at different places
  32. No more soda
  33. Watch more sunrises & sunsets
  34. Create a scrapbook of memories & favorite quotes
  35. Donate blood
  36. Spend Valentines day with my boyfriend
  37. Get a new piercing
  38. Laugh more
  39. Try new healthier foods
  40. Put my emotions into art
  41. Start taking vitamins
  42. Go to church more
  43. Spend more time outside
  44. Pamper myself more often
  45. Drink more tea
  46. Make a list of things to be happy for
  47. Make “me” time – no electronics
  48. Create a vision board
  49. Try out audible books
  50. Try out new hairstyles

I will be making a new category where I will be sharing my experiences with these goals called “Adia’s 2017” so I will be motivated to keep up with my goals!


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