62 things that makes you happy

I hope you enjoy this list I made as much as I do! I made it so in the new year I can read this and remember that there are more than big things that make you happy. Sometimes it’s all about the little things!

  1. listening to your favorite song
  2. sleeping in after a long week
  3. long hugs
  4. those good naps
  5. sunsets
  6. warm breezes
  7. summer evenings
  8. eating something when you’re really hungry
  9. thunderstorms
  10. opening your windows for the fresh breeze
  11. waking up to the sound of rain
  12. holding hands
  13. baths
  14. putting on nice smelling lotion
  15. the feeling after a workout
  16. feeling confident
  17. clothes that came straight from the drier
  18. the sound of the wind through the leaves on the trees
  19. realizing why something happened in your life
  20. pinterest
  21. candles
  22. losing that toxic person in your life
  23. long walks in the park
  24. buying new clothes
  25. the feeling of being excited for something
  26. laying in your warm bed in the winter
  27. finding money you forgot about
  28. listening to old songs
  29. feeling productive
  30. seeing a child happy
  31. waking up early and remembering you can sleep for a few more hours
  32. a good hair day
  33. hot tubs
  34. when your cat lays with you
  35. knowing someone genuinely  loves you
  36. the smell of freshly cut grass
  37. finding a really good song for the first time
  38. trying something new and it actually tastes good
  39. singing a song and remembering all the words
  40. buying a new candle
  41. rainbows
  42. the smell of rain
  43. helping out a stranger
  44. accomplishing something you worked really hard on
  45. making someone smile
  46. being actually happy
  47. finally sitting down after a long day
  48. posting a blog post you’ve been working on
  49. cleaning out your house
  50. hearing birds chirp for the first time
  51. doing your makeup
  52. the feeling of brushed teeth
  53. when someone compliments you
  54. when your handwriting looks nice
  55. buying new makeup
  56. showering after sweating all day
  57. painting
  58. the feeling of peace in your chest
  59. waking up and not feeling tired
  60. doing your nails
  61. getting a haircut
  62. getting a good grade on a hard test

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